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Upcoming lectures for Chinese medicine students and practitioners in Portland

Posted: 09 Mar 2009 03:33 PM PDT

Some of you know that I am the student body President over at National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM).  When I started my term, we created a survey to ask the students what they would most like us to do with our time and (their) money in the 2008-2009 school year.  One of the top responses was, “Bring us speakers we care about!”  We set about constructing a speaker series that began with Patch Adams (amazing, more on that another time) and will wrap up with Craig Mitchell in May.

Anyway, we have two lectures coming up pretty quickly.  I’d like to talk briefly about both during the week.  Today, I’d like to announce that Heiner Fruehauf, founding professor of the Classical Chinese Medicine program at NCNM, will be speaking this Thursday from 4-6pm on the NCNM campus in Room 322 (on the third floor). The lecture is open to the public and is titled, “News from the Classical Chinese Medicine scene in China.

Those of you who want to know more about Heiner and his work can listen to my recent podcast interview series with him as well as many posts on Deepest Health that mention his influence on me as a student of the medicine. Yael over at Chinese Medicine notes also has a couple of posts, including a text interview.

Find two flyers  below (click to enlarge) One shows the basic information for all of the upcoming events in the 2008-2009 SGA Speaker Series – please come and enjoy!  The other flyer is specifically for Dr. Fruehauf’s talk.

Beginning tomorrow, I will be posting about the second talk in the series – with Mark Silver, founder of the Heart of Business.  You’ll get a great taste of what Mark has to offer and I hope it will encourage local folks to come to the talk.  Very timely stuff!

If you have any questions – please ask them in the comments so everyone can benefit.


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