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UPDATE: We are blaming the snow. With all the talk of blizzards and below freezing temperatures here in New England, we let a broken link slip through ice! Therefore, we are reissuing our February Newsletter with the correct link to our 2009 Market Study in the "Feature" section. We apologize for any inconvenience and we hope you find the study to be a helpful resource as you move forward with your 2010 planning!


A little less than ten years ago, in 2001, Sedo was established as a small startup in Cologne, Germany. We have since grown from a conceptual business to a domain community of over one million members worldwide. On behalf of our Sedo team, I′d like to thank each of our members for your continued support and for entrusting Sedo with your domain name needs.

This month, our team is offering you an overview of the domain industry through Sedo’s comprehensive 2009 Market Study. This study also highlights important trends for the 4th quarter of 2009, to give you the most updated information available. With this study and our exclusive list of premium domains, you’ll discover just how far your domain portfolio can go this year!

Happy Reading!

Tim Schumacher

Recently Listed
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Belgium.com – contact Broker
WebMall.com – contact Broker
Nasty.com – contact Broker
Oh.com – contact Broker
Prices.com – contact Broker
Metal.com – contact Broker
Insert.com – contact Broker
Number.com – contact Broker
Banana.com – contact Broker
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Recently Sold
A Highlight of Sedo Sales

Website.de $141,610
Designer.co.uk $122,080
GolfZone.com $50,000
BookKeepers.com $34,000
CH.org $21,600
Racking.com $14,398
DDN.com $12,501
1y.com $10,000
ListenToMe.com $10,000
Thick.com $10,000

Sedo Speaks
Sedo Brokers Reaching New Heights: Mount Kili Climb!
This year SedoCares is literally going to new heights to give back to communities in need, including those affected by the earthquake in Haiti last month. In March two of our most ambitious team members, Kamila Sekiewicz and Tessa Holcomb are traveling to Kenya to climb one of the world’s tallest peaks, Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for The Water School. The Kili 2010 Climb will gather Internet professionals and others from around the world in support of The Water School.

TWS is a non-profit organization that provides simple, safe, strategic, and sustainable clean water solutions to the developing world. Through education and donations TWS empowers schools and hospitals to teach solar disinfection and provide very affordable materials to participating families.

SedoCares wishes our team members the best of luck on this important journey!

Sedo's Domain Market Study: 2009 Overview with Q4 Highlights

Sedo saw strong growth in full-year sales in domains bought and sold on their global marketplace in 2009, versus 2008. Sedo represented 64 percent of the top 100 public sales in the domain industry, with the next closest competitor coming in at 8 percent. This growth was also fueled by impressive quarter over quarter results, with a 5 percent increase in domain sales in Q4 of 2009. In addition, Sedo accounted for 11 of the top 20 biggest sales industry-wide, compared to only 5 of the top 20 sales in 2008. This included a surge in geographical and descriptive domains, including the sale of Fly.com for $1.6 million, Russia.com for $1.5 million, Call.com for $1.1 million, and Brazil.com for $500,000. 

Read the Complete 2009 Market Study

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Auctions, Conferences and More!

Sedo′s Travel Auction

Add it to your itinerary and achieve global domain success! The full auction inventory will be available soon. Until then, take a look at our targeted travel "buy it now" domains. These world-renowned geo and travel-themed domains offer highly targeted traffic, localized business opportunities, and a strong foundation for your domain portfolio.

Visit Sedo.com/Travel for more details!

GreatDomains Auction: February

Sedo’s GreatDomains Auction: February 18th – 25th 

Get ready to bid on premium domain names like Crouching.com, H3.com and Analyzes.com. This is your chance to get the domains you need to succeed!

See Auction Inventory! 

February′s  Industry Spotlight: Tech Domains!

Your business is on the cutting edge of new technology. Shouldn’t your website be as technologically advanced as your products? Upgrade your website today with an industry leading hi-tech domain from Sedo.com/tech. Progress is beautiful.

Visit www.sedo.com/tech
Previous Industry Spotlights:

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Legal Brief
Passive Website’s Hyperlinks Do Not Yield Jurisdiction Absent Control of Target Site

By Ryan Sadler , Legal Team

A recent decision by a US district court in Missouri clarified an important distinction regarding jurisdictional issues within internet law. The court entered judgment for defendant, a Costa Rican software company, finding no personal jurisdiction. The decision hinged upon the nature of the software company’s hyperlinks on its website. The court held that the defendant company’s website, which was passive, but linked to interactive sites, did not provide the requisite minimum contacts to satisfy personal jurisdiction because the company did not control the target sites. 

Read More

Recently Listed
Available Now in Sedo's Marketplace
Recently Sold
A Highlight of Sedo Sales
Sedo Speaks
Sedo Brokers Reaching New Heights: Mount Kili Climb!
Sedo's Domain Market Study: 2009 Overview with Q4 Highlights
Upcoming Events
Auctions, Conferences and More!
Partner Profile
Create a Professional Business Website In Just Minutes!
Legal Brief
Passive Website’s Hyperlinks Do Not Yield Jurisdiction Absent Control of Target Site
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