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Posted: 07 Apr 2010 05:14 AM PDT

If you have a copy of the Google Analytics Book, you will know the second edition contains a 50% discount coupon for completing the GAIQ test – part of the Conversion University online learning centre. In turns out using this can be a little confusing and you may see a message saying “invalid code”.  This means you are trying to put it in the wrong field…! Don’t put the discount code in the first screen, that is for vouchers, which are different. Instead:

  • From the test start page, click purchase
  • select the GAIQ exam.
  • Enter the discount code from the book in the “Promotional Code” field – see screenshot

What is the GAIQ?

Back in 2007, while working at Google in London, my view was that there was far too little knowledge “out there” that helped digital marketers, web managers and developers learn the fundamentals of visitor measurement. I wanted to address this using Google Analytics as the example. In my opinion, the education gap for web analytics was going to be the next big step for Google Analytics adoption…

I approached this problem in two ways: Writing a Google Analytics book – a personal ambition of mine since 2003, when it was still Urchin; Developing a self-service, online course from Google with an optional exam – my professional goal at work. Hence, the vision behind the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) came about.

If you haven’t heard of the GAIQ, check it out – its well worth it if you wish to expand  your metrics understanding. In addition, the GAIQ exam demonstrates to your peers and potential employers, your analytical and product specific skills.

Building the GAIQ – from Europe…!

We started the process of building an online learning centre in late 2007. After 18 months of continuous development and refinement, the GAIQ launched to the public in March 2009. It was a huge achievement for the EMEA team and one that I am immensely proud of. The vast majority of product innovation comes out of Google’s head quarters in Mountain View. It was therefore good to give back*.

There are now millions of Google Analytics users around the globe for which the GAIQ is a great resource. To date, thousands of people have passed the GAIQ exam from over 50 countries.

*Although the innovation and initial development came from the Google EMEA team, Mountain Viewers were responsible for bringing the product to fruition. A huge part of making that happen came from Helen Huang – one of the nicest and most dedicated Googler’s I ever met.

Have you tried the GAIQ? Anyone passed it with 100% yet? I would love to hear about your experiences.

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